Moving Toward Simple

June 9, 2007

Just as I was thinking of starting this forum, The Washington Post published “Breaking Free of Suburbia’s Stranglehold.” Although the article had a Christian bent that is utterly foreign to me, it otherwise spoke volumes. For one thing, it backed up my assertion that the urge to simplify isn’t merely something that’s happening to me or people I personally know. If it’s made the Washington Post, we must be looking at critical mass here ahead of us somewhere.

I want to lay out here a little more of my intention with this forum. I hope it helps me and others learn to think both bigger and smaller. Bigger in that our small decisions have larger implications which we’ve been carefully taught not to think about — and we need to start thinking about them. Smaller in that we need to learn to discern between need and want, and recognize that many of us actually need far less than we think we do, and are far happier if we keep ourselves and our lives simple and focused.

We – and by we I mean those of us who are concerned about ourselves, our society, and our planet – also need a voice. We need change on two levels — first, individually, both to improve our lives and to contribute to fixing our world. Second, globally, by encouraging and helping others who want to make the same changes — by telling our stories, by communicating with the politicians and corporations and other agencies that affect our lives, by making it plain that on some topics, we expect positive change.

Let’s find more meaning and be a force for good!


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