Guys, I’m Just Going To Say It.

June 19, 2007

I know all you men out there have convinced yourselves that we don’t really think this, but we do.

Yep. When we see you driving SUVs and Hummers and so forth, we all of us, without exception,  think you’re compensating for, shall we say, a lack of stature, an inability to perform, a tendency to… disappoint.

I had my doubts that we all thought that. Then, as I was walking along the street with one of my many nun friends, a Hummer drove by, and she said, “Bet that guy’s sporting a limp roll of dimes, tops.”

Nuf said.


2 Responses to “Guys, I’m Just Going To Say It.”

  1. Magenta Says:

    Maybe SUV guys had normal sized penises until some witches cursed them for parking their mongo-vehicles so sloppily that even a teensy rice burner could not fit in the oddly shaped space left next to them OR maybe the witches inflicted the penis shrinking curse because the SUV driver parked next to an already parked car so close that the other driver could not open their door (yeah, that was me who wrote @#$%*^ on your SUV in hot pink lipstick; I’m going to pick up some fluorescent spray paint the next time I go to Home Depot).

  2. Toni Says:

    “Big, overpowered veh = itty, bitty penis” is a social lesson I’ve taught my two sons since they were able to understand it. Heh, heh, heh!

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