August 15, 2007

I’m killing two birds with one stone. I have a LOT of fabric (I’m a quilter). One of the changes I’m working on recently is to reduce the amount of stuff I have around (and the concomitant mental stress of not having dealt with it yet). So I’m reading the books I have instead of buying more, and using up my craft stuff, and finding good homes for things I don’t use.

First bag pictureI’m also trying to kick the plastic grocery bag habit, (see this link from Salon for some information on just how bad this is!) and encourage others to do so too. So I’m making bags with the quilting fabric — good sized, lined and batted, so they’ll stand up to some use. (See picture of the first one.) They’re colorful, they’re cloth (so they’re easy to fold and store) and they’re re-usable and washable. Many people I know can expect to get them as gifts soon, and if I really make a pile of them, I may sell a few on ebay just to give them a good home and de-clutter my life at the same time.


One Response to “Bags!”

  1. I got one of your bags and they are SO FABULOUS!! Here in the Pearl District, the height of haute couture yuppie NW style, my bag was met with rave reviews! But the best news is that it carries handmade pasta home safely from the farmers market. My golden retriever and i are so happy to have one! THANK YOU!!

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