The End of the Argument

November 8, 2007

No matter where you sit on the discussion of global warming, watch this video. It won’t change your position — it’s not about that and I’m not trying to do that. It is, however, about how to decide on a course of action in the absence of the ability to be able to predict the future.

glumbert – The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See

The title sounds sensationalist. The video isn’t. Seriously — watch it. It will be nine minutes well spent.


One Response to “The End of the Argument”

  1. Brutus Says:

    First of all Howdy, hope all is well with you.

    My shortest response, yes I watched it, is “Give me liberty or give me death”.

    A little ‘devil may care’, I know.

    Debate is built on assumptions, as you know, I love debate.

    First in Brad’s four boxes he assumes bad things in the top ‘A’ column and good in the bottom ‘A’ column. No, both are just as bad. The economy is thrown away the same amount. Column ‘A’ is guaranteed economic disaster. Column ‘B’ is possible environmental disaster. Top being hunky dory and the bottom being catastrophic.

    As you know, I am a supporter of being good stewards of the environment. Positive changes that have tangible effects I generally support.

    The problem with the Global Warming Movement is that it is about destroying our economy, not saving the environment.

    Brad’s column analogy assumes honesty from the debaters. He assumes that the end result would be economic problems. No, that would be just the start, then you would see the real worst case scenerio. Socialism run amuck. Government power never stops growing, after a depression the response would be totalitarianism. I know, whacky, but take a look at history, and imagine what would have happened if there were not a foil to reign in the horror of various tyrants in history.

    Worse than this is the idea that we can stop the warming climate. If we did everthing in our power it would not change anything, and we are talking about 5 percent reductions in usage while newly developing countries will be doubling their use on a scale of years not decades. Huh, how does that change anything but our economy.

    Most important is the real evidence that we are coming out of an ice age and have been for thousands of years. It has been balmy on Antarctica and in Alaska. Not once but several times. The geological history indicates that the Earth’s normal condition is one with LESS ice than we have now. A lot less ice.

    I have a post ‘Following the Carbon Footprints’ with links to Wikipedia articles about the history of Ice Ages on

    It boils down to beliefs. I would rather face hardship with our economy in tact. Then we have a chance. I do beleve we can adapt, and if we can’t, then the devistation will remove us as a threat and the environment will continue in its new state, cleaning with cycles those forms of life that can not adapt.

    I don’t expect this to change your mind either. I would be disappointed if the debate ended so soon.

    Hope the book goes well, I’d like to know more about it and your other one too.

    By the way I added your site to my Blogroll, in fact I added your other site to my other site’s blogroll.


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