Al Franken: God Spoke (dvd) — an entertaining look at Al’s transition from comedian to funny political commentator.

The Corporation (dvd) — related to the book of the same name (see recommended reading)

A Crude Awakening (dvd) — About the world oil production peak and how close we are to running out. Scary and thought-provoking.

The First Amendment Project (dvd) — Three short films on post-Bush First Amendment issues. All are worthwhile but the first, which is basically Al Franken retelling the story of how Fox News sued him over using Bill O’Reilly’s picture on the cover of one of his books, is also hilarious — particularly Al’s portrayal of the judge in the case.

Frontline: The News War (dvd) — Talks about the changing arena of news reporting and the relationship between the media, the government, the media’s audience, corporate issues and the Internet. Well done.

Frontline: The Persuaders (dvd) — About advertising and marketing and the increasing invasiveness of both.

The Future of Food (dvd) — About genetically engineered food. Scary.

Glumbert’s Argument (online video) — About the choices we face regarding the potential for climate change. See it right here. Ignore the title — it’s sensationalist. The video isn’t — it’s possibly the most lucid commentary I’ve seen on climate change, pro or con, anywhere:

glumbert – The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See

Hacking Democracy (dvd) — About the subversion of the electoral process with electronic voting machines that are easily hackable.

An Inconvenient Truth (dvd) — The landmark documentary about global warming. Even Fox News’ movie reviewer said everyone should watch it — and everyone should. For more info about the issues it raises, go to See this film!

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers (dvd) — Did you know that among the myriad offenses of Halliburton is included the fact that they’d bill the US gov’t for having “serviced” a location if the location was on the Halliburton driver’s route, and the driver drove past it — even if he didn’t stop? Driving past counted as a service — and was billed HUGELY accordingly. I didn’t know this either, until I watched this. Outrageous!

Maxed Out (dvd) — About the current debt-trap most (!) Americans face because of current credit/lending practices. For additional information about this issue, check out Americans for Fairness in Lending.

McLibel (dvd) — About the longest civil trial in British history — two “ordinary” citizens take on McYouKnowWho. Oh — and the part from McD’s own manuals about sucking in the kids is sickening. For information about the issue without watching the video, check this link: The McLibel Trial.

The Merchants of Cool (Frontline) (dvd) — About how corporations market to teenagers and young adults. Yikes!

The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See — I hate this title — so see it above under “Glumbert’s Argument.”

Noam Chomsky — anything (dvd) — This extraordinarily well-read man can speak authoritatively on just about anything you put in front of him, and cite numerous examples to make his point. Often his point is that no one in any of the world’s ongoing controversies is either wearing or deserves to wear the white hat. Despite this, he is an optimist, and it is empowering to listen to him.

Oil on Ice (dvd) — About the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) oil-drilling controversy.

The Party’s Over (dvd) — Explores how the current political process interacts with our society’s most pressing issues during the 2000 election season. Philip Seymour Hoffman presents.

Planet Earth (5-disc dvd) — Stunning, heart-rending, fascinating. If this can’t convince you that this planet and the life on it is worth saving, there’s no hope for you. Make sure you get the version narrated by Attenborough.

Unconstitutional (dvd) — About the current political war on American civil liberties.

An Unreasonable Man (dvd) — About Ralph Nader — including the controversy over his role in the 2000 election.

Why We Fight (dvd) — The role of the desire for worldwide military supremacy in determining American foriegn policy.

Who Killed the Electric Car (dvd) — Documents the truly stupid and short-sighted efforts of GM to scuttle its own electric car. Yes, GM had help from the usual suspects — but their own actions are truly mind-boggling. See my entry at BNP on this.


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